Friday, March 3, 2017

Spring Break with Much To Do

Slice:  Day 3

Friday...the day you wait for each week (especially after a very long week).  But, today is especially grand, for it is the start of Spring Break for us!  I am officially off for the next week.  "Off" usually means a true break...and I intend to do just that...but only for a few days!  I have made a short to do list of things that I really do want to tackle before I return to work on Monday, March 13. That being said, I have decided to post my to do list so that perhaps the act of "publishing" it, may help hold me accountable! it is:  
1.) Enjoy time with family 
2.) Clean my closet (finally toss/donate what is never worn)
3.) Work in the backyard...fill the bird feeders and pull weeds
4.) Finish Rubric & Curriculum map for K-5 program integrating edTPA 
5.) Finish article & submit for publication  
6.) Find time to READ  
Well, I believe that those goals will keep me quite can always hope!

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