Thursday, March 2, 2017

Read Across America

It's an exciting week for students in many elementary schools across the country! This week is Read Across America and in fact, today marks the birthday of Dr. Seuss:  March 2, 1904.  

Celebrating literacy can have such an overwhelmingly positive impact on the lives of students.  While I love seeing and hearing how literacy has been celebrated this week, it is always my hope that literacy and the joy of reading remains the focus of these celebrations. 

Whether students dressed up each day or participated in numerous activities all week, we need to be mindful of what our goal is and the fact that we want students to remember what they read or what was read to them and how they responded. Happy Reading! 



Amanda Regan said...

I felt a little guilty this year because all we did was set aside a larger-than-usual period of time to read. I did, however, let the kids bring in pillows and stuffed animals and get comfortable just about anywhere in the room. And then we simply read. I realized as I watched them, they really didn't need anything else. Nothing beats spending time with a good book!

Amanda Kriegl said...

We celebrated just good ol' plain reading at my school too! It was a lot of fun-especially for the teachers because we get to read a book of our choice as well. I hope those traditions stay alive too. :)