Friday, March 24, 2017

Tea Time & Reading Time

Reading allows me to escape from reality and often provides an amazing journey along the way.  Similarly, a cup of tea can do the same and together...they are pure bliss!

As fond as I am of reading, I find it sad that so many students in today's classrooms do not enjoy reading.  In fact, in the state of Tennessee, more than half of our students (3rd grade and beyond) are reading below grade level! 

Nationwide, we are in a literacy crisis...we need to make reading fun, so students will discover how wonderful reading can be.

Let's talk about books, share our good reads, and more importantly, STOP testing on every book that a child reads.  Let's engage students, encourage them to make connections, visualize during reading, and most of all...learn to love reading.  In doing so...we will produce lifelong readers!

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